Using Awards and Accolades from Kelley Blue Book’s in Advertising/Communications

Kelley Blue Book’s encourages and permits the use of its awards, accolades and quotes in automaker and dealer advertising/communications free of charge, provided that the user abides by Kelley Blue Book’s legal guidelines for accolade/logo usage and the company’s required approval process.

There are specific usage guidelines/requirements and logos for each of’s annual awards:

In addition, there are specific usage guidelines/requirements for using Editorial Quotes and other ’10 Best’ lists and content from

To inquire about using a specific award, accolade or quote from Kelley Blue Book’s, or to submit your creative for review/approval, please contact us via email, letting us know what you’d like to promote and providing a link to where you found the content on  We will then provide the specific guidelines/requirements for usage and logo appropriate to that usage.

We are happy to assist you and look forward to helping you promote this content in accordance with Kelley Blue Book’s guidelines and brand standards.

Michelle Behar, public relations specialist,

Brenna Buehler, senior public relations manager (Currently on maternity leave)

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Andrew Nicolai
Sr. Public Relations Manager
Brenna Buehler
(Currently on maternity leave)
Public Relations Specialist
Michelle Behar

For general or customer service inquiries, please call 1-800-258-3266.

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